About us

a few words about us

page2_img1Our company IGM was established in 2004 by well experienced milling and bakery business prosesssionals in KOCAELİ who have local and international experinces in the businesss more than 30 years now. The reason to establish the company in KOCAELİ is to consider the location as the distribution center of Marmara and Eastern Blacksea region, which covers the 1/3 of the total country population.

Currently, our company is active in three business units; Milling - Mixing Production Unit, Bakery Ingredients Distibution Unit and International Agencies Business Unit. We produce more than 50 products, distibute nearly 1.000 SKU’s and represanting several international companies in Turkey.

The milling business is conducted in the contracted leading mills in different regions and we have the ability of producing flour under our brands with our quality standarts in 6 diifferent mills under our production management and control. Our bakery mixing line and test bakery is located in our main warehouse. We have implemented many innovative products for the bakeries to ease their process and avoid human mistakes.

In the bakery ingredients business unit we have cooperated more than 15 leading bakery ingredients producers and we are representing some of them as the sole partner in the region.

In our international Agency Business Unit;

We represent the BÖCKER Company- GERMANY, which is one most important sourdough producer in the World. We represent the company in Turkey and distribute the SKU’s of the company.

We Represent BOGAZICI KIMYA which is an important flavor producer and flavor importer for bakeries and industrial confectionaries. We represent the company in the milling sector and we distribute the companies bakery flavors.

CBEY Trading – KAZAKHSTAN, which is a considerable Kazakh Wheat Broker and Exporter and we act as the country dealers for the company.

Free LEO – Sierra Leone which is a notable flour importer in SIERRA LEONE. We act as the main supplier of wheat flour in the Turkish mills.

Shortly we have an effective network both in bakeires and mills and we are willing to serve our customers as their partners.