Bread Mixes

We have three different groups of bread mixes. Initially we have launched seven different bread mixes to the market as follows; rye bread mix, multi grain bread mix, Rustical bread mix, branny bread mix, dark bread mix, wheat germ bread mix, whole wheat bread mix.

After the success of our bread mixes we have launched a new serie of tastes from different part of the world under PANELLA SELECTIVE brand name. Intense rye bread mix with a very intense taste of rye free from wheat flour. Traditional rye sourdough bread mix, traditional North european bread mixes and many different tastes.

We have prepared some convinient user friend concentrate bread mixes as PANELLA PRATIMIX which is very easy to use. PRATIMIX is a practical application of process by adding the PRATIMIX concentrate mix directly to your remaining daily white bread dough. You mix it for 3 more minutes and your rye bread is ready, 3 more minutes for another part of the white dough than your multi grain mix is ready out from your white dough and so on…


Panella Rye Bread Mix

Panella Oat Bread Mix

Panella Bran Bread Mix

Panella Multigrain Bread Mix


Panella Rustical Bread Mix

Panella German Rye Bread Mix

Panella Wheat Germ Bread Mix

Panella Whole Meal Bread Mix


Panella Dark Bread Mix

Panella Sunflower Seed Bread Mix

Panella Intense Sourdough Bread Mix