Chocolate Based Products

We act as a sole partner of Ferrosa Chocolate in our region. There are the brands of ferrosa, forsa, çotanella among the registered brands of Ferrosa Chocolate and it took place among the leading companies of the sector in the Turkish market and foreign exportation dimension under the names of these brands.

Besides this we act as distirbutor of Pelit Chokolaj in our region.

With the partnership of these companies; we are distributing cuverture, praline, drop, confisserry, ganage, piece chocolate, vermicelli, ice-cream sauce, ekler sauce, profiterole sauce, waffle sauces,  special chocolates, powder cacao, hazelnut cream with cacao, crushed hazelnut and a lot of other products which are used in the confectionaries and patisseries.


Ferrosa Bitter Ganage
Ferrosa Ivory Ganage
Ferrosa Raspberry Ganage
Ferrosa Bitter Confiserie
Ferrosa Bitter Cuverture
Ferrosa Strawberry Confiserie
Ferrosa Ivory Confiserie
Ferrosa Ivory Cuverture
Ferrosa Ivory Pikola Fındık
Ferrosa Raspberry Confiserie
Ferrosa Orange Confiserie
Ferrosa Milky Cuverture
Ferrosa Bitter Drop
Ferrosa Bitter Granul
Ferrosa Bitter Kırıntı Çikolata
Ferrosa Bitter Mat Fıstık
Ferrosa Bitter Puffed Rice
Ferrosa Bitter Vermicelli
Ferrosa Bonibon
Ferrosa Ivory Puffed Rice
Ferrosa Ivory Vermicelli
Ferrosa Raspberry Puffed Rice
Ferrosa Raspberry Vermicelli
Ferrosa Granul
Ferrosa Milky Mat Fıstık
Ferrosa Milky Parça Çikolata Eko
Ferrosa Milky Parça Çikolata Ekstra
Ferrosa Milky Puffed Rice
Ferrosa Milky Vermicelli
Ferrosa Extra Praline
Ferrosa Praline


Chokolaj White Confiserie
Chokolaj Bitter Confiserie
Chokolaj Raspberry Confiserie
Chokolaj Milky Confiserie
Chokolaj White Cuverture
Chokolaj Bitter Cuverture
Chokolaj Milky Cuverture
Chokolaj White Chocolate Buttons
Chokolaj Bitter Compound Drops
Chokolaj Bitter Square Madlen
Chokolaj Bitter Piece Chocolate
Chokolaj Bitter Chocolate Buttons
Chokolaj Milky Square Madlen
Chokolaj Milky Piece Chocolate
Chokolaj Nut Praline