Confectionary Ingredients

We distribute more than 500 products as confectionary ingredients under VIZYON brand name in acccordance with our distibution partnership with POLEN FOOD.



Vizyon Pastry Additive
Vizyon Baking Powder
Vizyon Milk Cream Powder Mix
Vizyon Filling Cream With Orange Pieces
Vizyon Filling Cream With Sour-Cherry Pieces
Vizyon Cheese Filling Cream Powder Mix
Vizyon Potato Filling Cream Powder Mix
Vizyon Spinach Filling Cream Powder Mix
Vizyon Pizza Sauce/Filling Cream Powder Mix
Vizyon Bitter Profiterole Sauce
Vizyon Chocolate Profiterole Sauce
Vizyon White Eclair Sauce
Vizyon Black Eclair Sauce
Vizyon Raspberry Eclair Sauce